5 ways to benefit from an early start in your data science career

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One of the questions I receive the most from talents interested in a data science career is that “When is the best time to start working in data science?”. The answer to this question can be straightforward and generic: “The sooner, the better, especially while you are still a student!”.

Yes, that’s true. It is always better to start building up your data science career while still a student (even during your Ph.D. studies if you are doing one) or very early in your career. When I started my data science journey, I was just at the end of my…

Natural Language Processing

Top natural language processing tools to learn

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Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the areas in artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between humans and machines through natural language [1]. According to the “State of AI Report 2020", NLP is one of the most trendy AI technologies areas unlocking many new use cases in the past few years by the emergence of sophisticated language models such as transformers [2]. NLP is all about how machines can understand human languages and replicate the human language abilities to automate the time-consuming human tasks or extract knowledge from the text data to generated actionable insights for business users.

Technical skills necessary to grow as a data scientist

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The emergence of data science in many industries has attracted millions of fresh talents to grow their computer programming and machine learning skills and land a data science job in the past few years. As data science projects are mostly done within the framework of enterprise software projects, software engineering skills are mandatory for data scientists to perform. In this article, we will discuss core software engineering skills that are required for aspiring data scientists:

Object-Oriented Programming

Computer programming is probably the most critical part of a data science job. Programming skills are one of the crucial abilities required for…

Career strategies for AI & data talents

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Data science is an interdisciplinary field with so many related areas, such as machine learning or big data. As the industry moves forward, the similarities and distinction between data science-related fields are also defining more concretely. Machine learning engineering is a very close field to data science, and in some companies, there is almost no distinction between these two career paths. What is precisely machine learning engineering?

Machine learning engineering is a sophisticated software engineering area that focuses on developing smart software that can automate human-like tasks with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Compared to data…

Emerging trends of the data science job market

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There was a time when having a solid background in math, probability & statistics, linear algebra, and some machine learning plus having great data analysis and presentation skills were enough to make it in data science. The traditional role of a business intelligence specialist has matured into data science. In recent years, however, data scientists’ job description has been shifted from pure data analysis contains more skills from big data, machine learning, and cloud technologies rather than conventional analytics. Also, having substantial expertise in front-end and back-end software development and DevOps is becoming necessary for a data science toolbox.


Soft skills to develop for data science consulting career

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One famous notion in the consulting industry is that “data science is not about science!”. When we hear this notion for the first time, it sounds a bit odd because, after all, data science has vital routes in highly theoretical fields like machine learning and statistics. But maybe what this notion wants to point out is that there is much more to data science in the consulting industry than just working with statistical methods or machine learning.

Of course, data science is a highly interdisciplinary field built as a combination of machine learning, statistical data analysis, business analytics, and software…

What it takes to be successful as a data science consultant

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There was a time that I thought you could be a top data science consultant by having excellent core tech skills like machine learning, data analysis, and software engineering. When I started working in my data science consulting job, I was excited to work as a consultant for a known global brand. I was very motivated to put the solutions that I learned through my academic and startup career (with studying papers, reading code repositories, and taking online courses) into practice for very large corporations.

It took me years to become an experienced data science consultant who can work independently…

Career strategy for corporate-minded data scientists

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Years after Harvard Business Review wrote about data science being the “hottest job of 21st century”, many young talents are now attracted to this lucrative career path. Besides, high-level managers of large companies are now making almost all their important decisions using data-driven methods and analytics tools.

With the trends of data-driven decision making and automation, many large corporations are adopting various data science tools to generate actionable recommendations or automate their daily operations. The consulting industry’s primary function is to provide external and qualified talent to its clients, mostly global corporations. These global corporations follow strategic roadmaps for the…

Career development strategies for data scientists

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You finally achieved your goal of becoming a data scientist in a company you liked. You got onboarded successfully and started turning your data science skills to business value for your company. And things are going perfectly for the first six months, one year, or even two years.

… but eventually, you will ask yourself: what is my next step? How can I plan for my future career to bring fulfillment, success, and reaching to higher positions within my company or even elsewhere? Climbing the career ladder is inevitable; you will feel like it is time to take your…

Pouyan R. Fard

I write about data science, tech, AI, and startups. My data science consulting agency: fard-ai.com

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